Booking Fair Dinkum in 2018 & 2019

Our Band:

Our core line-up for 2018 and 2019 includes Violin, English Concertina, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Largerphone/Vocals/Caller. All are talented and experienced. If for any reason, a Fair Dinkum member is unable to perform, Fair Dinkum reserves the right to substitute another talented musician or to reduce the fee to you.


For many years traditional dances lasted four hours. In this modern era, people need only two hour long dance events. We are able to teach and have you dancing a new dance every ten minutes. Your program will most likely have twelve dances. We aim to give you a range of formations like big circles and long ways sets. We also aim for a variety of rhythms. Our emphasis is on you having a great time !

The dances include the Barn Dance, The Heel and Toe Polka, The Pride of Erin, the Gypsy Tap, and the Virginia Reel (Strip the Willow). We have other mixer dances, as well as couples dances for later in the night.

We do have some very simple children’s dances if needed.  We give the really little ones up to half an hour dancing with their Mum or Dad or Carer, and then request that they be removed to a safer place.  Children under age eight do not cope with the standard bush dances. The dances are all clearly demonstrated and called or led from the floor. For adults, we typically start the night with basic dances and then progress to more complex dances.


Depending on the occasion, we contribute bush songs, occasional yarns, poetry and humour. We encourage you to have prizes for the “Best Dressed colonial squatter/convict and lady/wench”. For a ball, ladies wear long outfits and men waistcoats and bow ties with formal attire. Leather soled shoes (rather than joggers) are ideal for comfortable dancing.


We typically will play for thirty minutes and take a break of about five minutes. We recommend that after the third thirty minute bracket, supper be served. Supper at bush dances and balls traditionally lasts up to thirty minutes and then dancing continues until the finale. We will vary our program to suit the skills and needs of your group.


Owing to the quality of our equipment and instruments, we will not perform outdoors unless we are guaranteed to be sheltered from the elements. We will only call dances on timber dance floors. Concrete and other macadam like surfaces are too dangerous in this modern era and do not allow for the comfort of dancers.


We prefer payment in cash at the conclusion of the event, please. The fee per three-hour dance is for the band as well as for the hire of the PA system. (We may be able to plug into existing facilities at the venue.) For your special evening the fee is negotiable

As a guide, please consider that a $15 per (adult) head payment is reasonable in his modern era  when compared to movie theatre seat costs, local live theatre or even a fast food meal!

If there is anything that you need to discuss, please do contact me immediately. We also act as agents for other bands. Thank you for taking the time to read this info. Looking forward to making your special event truly memorable!

Cheers! Ian Crook   phone: 4382.1443   email:

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