Flannel Flower Ball Program

Flannel Flower Ball 2009 - programme (inside)

Flannel Flower Ball - programme (outside)

Flannel Flower Ball 2009    Dance Programme

The Grand March     Called by MC

Armstrong’s Waltz    Called by MC

Ourimbah Schottische  World Premiere! Called by John Short

Circle Waltz                  Called by John Short

Mixed bracket: Called by Arthur Kingsland

Walpole Cottage

Pam Gainsford’s Delight

Winter Dreams Waltz

American/Theme bracket: Called by Julie Bishop  & John Short

Dabney Hall Contra

Salmon Chanted Evening Contra

Flannel Flower Schottische

Scottish bracket: Called by Marnie Wilson

Eightsome Reel

Rakes of Glasgow (Strathspey)

Nervous Groom

Irish bracket:       Called by Margaret and Bill Winnett

Corofin Plain Set (Figs 1, 2 , )

Pride of Erin

Corofin Plain  Set (Figs  5 & 6)

Mixed bracket: Called By Bill Propert

Garibaldi’s March Waltz

Lord Carnarfon’s Jig

Turn of the Tide

Last Waltz

Midnight Finale:  Auld Lang Syne:  Ensemble!


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